We patiently work with you so that we can bring what's inside of your head to life.
Present your products and services to clients and prospects with class and clarity. Hawk offers complete
service including design, copywriting and printing.  
Showcase your products in your very own mini-magazine!  CONTENT MARKETING .Digital printing has made full color publications very affordable. Got an idea?
Give us a call and get a free quote. We can print it for you and/or host it digitally with a link. You may be surprised to find out just how affordable glossy, full color publications can be.



Researching the market for your products or services, and defining where your best prospects are, is vital to an economical and successful marketing campaign. Unless you have the proverbial 'money to burn" and want to mass-market to every breathing soul on the planet, it will take a little research to weed out the best potential customers, then put your money and effort toward getting their attention. That's where our detail-oriented research team shines. Give us a call to discuss your present and future marketing goals.
An initial consultation about your marketing needs is always free at Hawk so don't hesitate... Don't procrastinate... Don't worry - be happy. Call us today.


Web Design

Putting your small to medium size business on the web is crucial to your survival in today's market. Your competitors are there while your customers are gathering information and making buying decisions.
Alternatively if your have an old outdated website you need to take it into real time by making sure that it is mobile friendly and ready.
Our goal in website design is to get your business up on the web for about what you would expect to pay for a one time ad in your local paper. Then we can add more features down the road. The big difference: that one-time ad is gone to the recycling bin  in a day, but your web site is always on 24/7 and it's everywhere. 

Building a large site with all the bells and whistles is great but it can be costly. Start with a basic site at a small reasonable expense and add features as you need them or better yet, as your customers demand them. After all, that's what the web is all about... INTERACTION with YOUR CUSTOMERS.
Talk to us - we'll get you up there without breaking your budget. 

Website Management

We can help keep your existing website fresh and updated by adding content that connects with your company’s actions. Whether it be new projects, seasonal specials, tradeshows, seminars or updating photos and galleries, your website should be maintained to reflect what is currently happening.

Let our Managed Internet Marketing go to work for you. Search Engine Optimization [SEO] combined with proper Social Media Management can increase traffic to your website and over time help to grow your customer base.

Graphic Design and Creative Services

Innovative design puts eye catching appeal to your printed materials. Design artistry comes in many forms, from conservative to "off the wall" & "out there". Your service or product line and target market should determine which is best for you. Today's most successful marketing campaigns would have been considered over the line just a few short years ago. New concepts and ideas in your marketing are needed to keep up to date in this rapidly changing


A short consultation can bring forth some new concepts and ideas that will produce better results for your marketing efforts. Just give us a call!

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